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Scooby-doo Mystery #2: The Frozen Giant

Scoobydoo Mystery 2 The Frozen Giant

Scholastic Inc.

Author: Kate Howard

I'd like to share with you this great child's book entitled Scooby-doo Mystery #2: The Frozen Giant. Written by Kate Howard and it was published sometime in 2012 by Scholastic Inc. The child's book has 64 pages.

Scooby-Doo is probably the world's best-known and most loved cartoon pooch. Can they track down the truth? to melt that monster. Or will Velma be left out in the cold? Now it's as much as the kids from Mystery, Inc. Scooby and the gang are attending an ice carnival within the town of Giant's Ridge. Scholastic's books are the #2 Scooby licensed item inside the world! Legend says an ancient giant sleeps inside the ice caves surrounding the place. Everyone thinks it's just a story. until the frozen giant attacks the town and kidnaps a single with each of the gang! Zoinks!


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