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The Pizza Place Ghost (scooby-doo! Picture Clue Book, No. 4, Level 1)

Pizza Place Ghost


Author: Class 1-208

Brief summary:

Scooby-Doo and the gang find out if the pizza place is really haunted.
My children want to reveal to you a great child's book titled Pizza Place Ghost, the pizza place ghost. Written by Class 1-208 and it was published on the 5th of June, 2013 by Scholastic. The paperback book is focused on Dogs and it is viewed as very good juvenile fiction. The children's book has 32 pages and it comes with colorfully illustrated pages. 24 flash cards inside!. The book furthermore stresses Haunted places, Ghosts, Ghost stories, Rebuses and Restaurants. To buy a copy at the lowest price, check out the button on this page.

Scooby wants some pizza, however the chef can't make pizza without cheese. Can you study the word clues and solve the case so Scooby can have a cheesy treat? Was it snatched up by the spooky pizza place ghost? Where's the missing ingredient?


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